How to

The basics


Discover new people by scrolling vertically through your Fuse feed. To view a full profile, simply tap their picture. To return, hit the arrow in the top left corner. Scrolled past someone? No biggie. You can always scroll back up! In case you want a profile to be no longer shown, swipe it left.



On Fuse every connection starts with a smile; simply hit the “smile” button below someone’s profile pic. Your crushes won’t be directly notified. However, if they happen to visit your profile your irresistible smile awaits them, and they can instantly send you a message. Vice versa: if someone smiled at you, you’ll find out upon viewing their profile.



Once you’ve both smiled at each other, you’ll match. Your matches are automatically shown in your message box. You’re now be able to start a conversation! We don’t support unsolicited messaging, so it’s not possible to send or receive chat messages before you’ve matched.

The specials


Zoom is a unique photo feature that gives you the opportunity to portray the true you in a simple yet cool way. Instead of series of selfies, you upload snapshots to up to 12 different categories. Capture your own little planet and take a peek into the worlds of other Fusers. Rule of thumb: the more creative you get with your pictures, the more smiles you’ll attract.



The sound of a voice makes all the difference. In Voices you can answer questions, tell a joke, read a passage from your favourite book or add a snippet of your favourite song. Simply pick one of the 12 categories, hit the record button, and start telling your story! Add as many recordings as you like – one for each category.



Make a statement: share your Essentials. Complete the three sentences starting with “I love…,” “I hate…,” “I want…” and tell Fusers visiting your profile what they should absolutely know about you. It’s really up to you what to include – it can be anything from why you’re on Fuse, your personal do’s and don’ts, a hint on how to win your heart, or your deep-rooted fear of cute puppies.