Our story

We didn’t like dating apps, so we created one.

Dissatisfied by the current choice of dating apps out there,  Flo, Magda and Schorsch (who met at a virtual cofounder event in 2020) decided to do better.

Wasn’t the dating app market already very mature and overcrowded? Yes. But this is exactly the time to innovate – when no one else is.

The vast majority of dating apps out there focus on KPIs, that mainly help the business – not the customers. This is understandable, as investors want to see short term success and returns. FUSE is completely bootstrapped and is not taking on any external investments.

So we sat together and came up with the dating app, that we, and the many people we asked always wanted.

Our Mission

Whereas other dating apps focus on increasing “time spent on app” to maximize profit, we don’t believe this is sustainable in the longterm. We therefore also don’t want you to have to go on 20 dates, before you find your partner in crime.


A dedicated focus on quality over quantity

Why are we doing this? Doesn’t this hurt our business? No, as in the longterm it will actually pay off for the platform,. Happy users will attract other people currently dissatisfied with the choice of dating apps out there. This outweighs potential short-terms gains from purely focusing on keeping our users hooked on getting more dates.