Our Team

“We didn’t like dating apps, so we created one.”

– Magda, Co-Founder
Fuse was founded in 2020 by Georg, Flo and Magda on  a virtual co-founder meetup. The team operates out of Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany.
Disillusioned with the current offerings of dating-app, we set out to develop an app, that puts the individual user needs at the center of it all. Even though we all have profound industry experience in dating + social networking., we decided to rethink the entire process. Whereas traditional dating apps and social networks quickly fall prey to business-minded KPI optimizations, we believe, that in the long run, a social network is nothing without its users – and their happiness. So, if you wish, we do have one KPI – user happiness. 

We are also very much aware of the inability of (even seasoned) digital product creators to always have the right answers. This is, why we paper-tested everything. Each feature, that made it into the final iteration of the app was either wished for or confirmed by a representative group of users, that represent our target audience. 

Product, Strategy & Operations
Georg has his roots in App Economy & E-commerce and  worked at the core-team of 2 successful dating apps before. He decided to take things to the next level and left his first startup to develop an app to love forever.
Marketing & Social Media
Magda is a passionate storyteller and deeply fond of all things human. Never afraid of bringing a critical and creative perspective to the table, she’s the brain behind Fuse’s marketing projects and on top of all things PR-related. 
Technology & Development
Flo is our backend wizard. He makes sure, that our data is 100% safe and everything will scale properly, once the network starts growing. He understands assembler and plays 4D chess while we bore him with anything non-tech 🙂 (Just in case anyone still has doubts, that he could pull it off. )
Frontend Developer
Ram is the driving force behind Fuse’s frontend development and an expert in the fields of CSS & Javascript.